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Meet Renee Enright - this stylish Muma is one of the warmest people I've come across. She is always smiling - always. With a heart of gold and a killer eye for fashion, Renee juggles her work as a personal stylist for Westfield with her gorgeous little man, baby Boh.

No wonder baby Boh is always smiling!

Enjoy X


Super mama to…. 

Boh Finley Enright, 16 months


Your favourite part of the day is ...

Most definitely our bath book and bed routine with Boh. He loves reading books so there's at least 4 we have to get through before bed each night. I love that time with him especially after a busy day at work. It's also really nice to curl up on the couch with a glass of wine once Boh is in bed and catch up with the Hubby. It's a bonus when the Real Housewives of Melbourne are on, but then Hubby is no where to be seen ha ha


Your work is...

I am a Fashion/Personal Stylist. I have my own fashion styling business and am the resident stylist at Westfield Geelong. I also teach a short course in Fashion Styling at Gordon Tafe in Geelong along with some freelance work i do for some local Geelong publications. 


How do you keep a work-family balance? 

As a first time Mum this is something I am constantly battling. I am really fortunate with my role at Westfield that I don't work 5 days a week or the standard 9-5 hours of a typical job. My work schedule changes week to week depending on fashion events, photo shoots or client bookings. Being a Mum is my first priority and even on a busy week we always make sure there is plenty of family time. Weekly swimming lessons and music dance classes are things that he enjoys and i enjoy doing those activities with him. 

I am also so so lucky to have an incredible Mum myself who loves to have Boh when I'm at work, and he absolutely loves spending that special time with his "Grannie Annie" as she's called. They have such a special bond that is really beautiful.

That makes this Mothers Guilt we all talk about a little easier to deal with, but for any mother, it never gets easy leaving them, no matter how often or how little you do it.

I love being excited and passionate about my job, and i love what i do. I work hard to achieve my goals and I think that is setting a great example for my son. 



    Your  go-to' shops or websites for your little ones?

Well i have become quite the professional shopper for all things kids clothing! It was all new to me when I became a Mum, I obviously work in Fashion but i didn't really know much about kids clothing. I am constantly finding and on the search for new labels and online sites that i love.

Instagram is great for this!

My go to stores would be Seed Heritage, Cotton On Kids, Country Road and Target. 

Target are producing some of the cutest kids pieces and at such amazing price points, obviously you would spend more on your quality products that will last, like your Seed knitwear etc, but for your seasonal fast fashion pieces, Target, Cotton ON and Bonds are my top picks.

Favourite sites would be









      Number 1 baby product you can't live without? 

Gosh there are so many, i would have to say the good old Baby Wipes though. I carry these things everywhere i go, obviously from dirty nappies, to sticky fingers to stained clothes. I even use them on set styling shoots, or at fashion parades backstage to get makeup or fake tan etc off clothing! 

I could not go without them!


     Favourite meal for you and your family?

I think probably my famous Lasagne dish. Even Boh loves sitting down to enjoy a plate of Lasagne with us at the table. Eating a family meal together without Boh turning his nose up or throwing it on the floor is rare! So this dish is one that is always a favourite and we all enjoy, it's a winner.


       Two rules you live by? 

Be kind to others as you never know what is going on behind someones smile

Honesty will always set you free 



      Who inspires you? 

Gosh, so many people. My Mum inspires me, raising 5 kids in Australia without her entire huge family back in Scotland because she knew it was a better life for us here, my Husband inspires me by chasing his dreams and being the kindest most patient man i have ever met, and Boh inspires me everyday, just to live in the moment and be happy, happy and free like he is.

People going through adversity yet staying strong and positive, people out there making a difference, all of these things are inspirational. I am inspired everyday, by loved ones and by complete strangers.



      Best advice you've been given over the years? 

My Mum always used to tell me "You can never expect from others what you would would give in return" 

Meaning, you can't always expect other people to act as you would act in a situation. This advice has really helped me over the years as sometimes i think we do expect others to treat us or act in the same way we would act. We are all different and made up differently. I often find myself saying this when i can't understand someones actions, or lack there of.

We are ALL different



     How do you keep fit? 

I love to walk our dog Wylee with Boh in the pram around Torquay where we live. I am always on the go at work too, constantly moving and keeping busy and i think that plays into it.. Eating healthily and staying active is the key to a happy and healthy lifestyle


       Tips for traveling with you and your family? 

Snacks, snacks and more snacks! :) Ha ha 

We have traveled with Boh a few times and he has been really really good, it's keeping them entertained that's the tricky bit. We always pack the portable dvd player with a few of his favourite shows (which by the way changes each week) and plenty of food!

Books and small toys that keep them busy are handy to throw in the nappy bag, and of course...PATIENCE, don't forget to pack yours! 



     Current trend you love? 

I am loving a whole lot of trends right now, The Winter Whites are a favourite of mine, but as a busy Mum it's not really the most practical! Leather is such a huge trend for AW14 and i am loving it! Also mixing it up with the check and plaid trend is something i am enjoying. So many gorgeous plaid scarves and check shirts, i am going to be so broke this season!

And then there's the boots!! Ohhh boy


    "Home is where the heart is" - what does this mean to you?

To me this means my home is wherever my beautiful Husband and son are, wherever they are is wherever my home is, no matter what state, what suburb, what house we settle in, i will forever be home when i am with them.


         What's in store for you for 2014?

2014 is already flying! It's a year full of exciting opportunities to grow my business and work on a few new exciting projects. Boh is developing and growing everyday, so it's a year of cherishing him as a little one year old and enjoying every moment. A year full of love and laughter and making memories as a family. 







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