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For those of you into your Greek Yogurt, you may have already come across this little ripper.

Chobani, as literally tried and tested by the Super Nanny team - is simply delicious.


Many yogurts contain a high amount of sugar... which is often why we tend to love them!

However, your best bet for still being able to enjoy a yogurt treat - is going Greek.

Some Greek yogurts can be quite harsh on the taste buds and therefore not all that appealing for the little ones.


Chobani is sweet, tasty and healthy.

That's a triple thread right there.

Further more, Greek yogurt full stop, is high in protein.


Our pick of the flavour bunch? Passionfruit!


Drop a Chobani into your kids lunchbox for a healthy tasty hit of goodness!

Find them at chobani.com.au



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