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Today I found myself busy in my busy-ness and in the lounge room came a call from miss P... "MUUUUUUUM!", "MUM, COME!" "MUUUUUUUUUUUUM, COME!!!"

So what did I do? I went in and what did she want from me? She wanted me to dance with her! We often have dance parties in the lounge room to music MAX and it is so much fun! Little P's face lights up, there is laughter, so much laughter, clapping, turning, jumping and high fiving! It is pure bliss and the best part is not just the movement but watching my little girls face light up to see me making a fool out of myself and showing off our cool moves. Dance is such an amazing thing, it helps us to let go of tension, free our mind and live in the moment, it sends us out some great endorphins which make us happy. In that moment my baby wanted some happy mummy time and she wanted to lift my spirits, she wanted me to dance!

Children have no inhibitions. They dont get nervous to let go, imagine and dream. They have no fear of embarrassment. They will fart, cry and laugh in public without judgement. They will dance, they will sing, they will play in the middle of a supermarket without feeling like they are doing wrong. Adults can be so uptight and worried of offending people, upsetting people, embarrassing themselves. As adults, we should take something from our babies books and let go! If the music is good, you DANCE! DO IT! I DARE YOU!

What do you do to let go???

Cass xo



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