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I believe in natural beauty and not covering up your best assets, makeup should enhance your features, not mask it. Natural and mineral makeup isn’t as natural as you think, so I’m here to dig deep and find out the nitty gritty of cosmetics…


Mineral makeup has been touted in the beauty industry as the natural alternative to foundation, paints and bronzers but to what extent is it natural? Mineral meaning it has been mined! So is it really a better choice? Even though these mineral makeup companies are certified organic/vegan/natural/green – this doesn’t make any sense to me.


The minerals that are mined are titanium, iron oxide and mica, and they come in an array of colours – obviously coming from the earth’s elements, it's no wonder they look amazing on the skin creating a flawless and natural look, but when something is mined from our earth it can never be replaced. The finer the powder the more micronised it is, and it's the same grade as nano-particles which can be easily absorbed by the skin and transferred to our internal organs, playing havoc on our hormones. Another nasty ingredient which sneaks in so called natural-mineral-makeup co’s is Talc – a mineral produced by the mining of talc rocks, but Talc has been proven to contain carcinogenic asbestos, which we puff our babies bottoms with (avoid avoid avoid).


I have been a model for over 16 years and I’ve had my fair share of makeup and cosmetics slapped onto my sensitive skin. I still have to be professional and sometimes get dealt with the worst makeup brands applied to my face, I can feel my skin burn like fire the next day, it’s literally red raw and that’s because of the high levels of aluminium used in these conventional cosmetic brands, it’s like scratching the skin with each fluff of the badger brush.


Organic you say? My ar$e MINERAL is organic. Makeup companies can get away with calling their makeup line organic, because mineral makeup is mined, so there’s no such crop or fertisiliers to grow it, which means it’s far from organic – it still comes from the ground but its not grown organically, so it can't be certified organic. Please stay clear of this marketing ploy, it’s a big load of BS!


These are the brands that I trust for makeup:


INIKA, from Australia. This is my top pick! I really love Miranda Bond (founder) she’s so on my page and I hope to meet her one day. Her makeup line is focused on the highest quality and safest ingredients. INIKA has probably the strictest ingredients criteria of any makeup company that I know of (and I’m a ingredient nazi). All products in the natural cosmetic range are Certified Organic or Vegan, Certified Halal and Certified Cruelty Free. INIKA is committed to education in both wellness based beauty and ingredients. INIKA uses the finest Australian botanicals and pure minerals to produce makeup that cares for your skin as well as performing brilliantly. INIKA ingredients feed the skin in a soothing manner and are actually beneficial.


Korres, from Greece. They develop skin and environmentally friendly formulations with a natural content varying between 80-99,80%; to avoid the use of chemical substances like mineral oils, silicones, parabens and propylene glycol amongst others, they only use Greek medicinal herbs and flora and delish food ingredients yoghurt, ginger and honey.


RMS Beauty, from USA. Created by celebrity makeup artist Rose Marie Swift, her mineral and balm-based range are nanoparticle free and are raw and uncorrupted. I particularly love her eye shadow balms, and her approach to powder free makeup.


For more information on your makeup brand and where it sits in the heirachy of naturalism, please visit my fav green beauty guide ewg.org



Teisha x


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