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Happy New Year!!!

I know I'm totally late, but it's better late than never. Sorry I've been a bit slack on my blog lately, I was recently engaged with the love of my life - it all happened on Boxing Day. We arrived home to Melbourne two weeks ago, and I'm just getting on top of things now. INDAH has just gone absolutely crazy, our website crashed because we got so much love, a good problem to have.


I absolutely love organic food and products, and here I am, mixed with all this cool information for you to enjoy. To me, organic is my world and...I’m still learning. I’m going to share all of my tips, techniques, recipes and journey with you. My blog is a mantra of all the things I love personally, including my beauty brand, INDAH. My blog suits everybody, but it’s for the body that wants to tap into the real - self. I don’t dabble in organic, the essence of me and my brand all starts with a big 'O'. If you want to make that informed decision of taking the next step into clean living, raw body care – the stuff that actually feeds your skin (band aid free zone) listen here! I will seek the truth and share it with you.


You’ll be surprised by the results, it’s not another suspicious ‘fountain of youth’ cream, it’s getting down to the nitty gritty of why you’re ageing and why you should be cleaning out the chronically overloaded bathroom cabinet. Time to hit the reset button on your beauty regime and start seeing the evidence that’s put forth. Enjoy the journey and enjoy the new mantra – breath in ‘IN’ breathe out ‘DAH’….


One Love

Teisha x

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