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Our 'Super Muma of the Week' is the fabulous Kristy Withers of Incy Interiors.

With an eye for style and consideration for price, small business owner Kristy is bringing designer children’s bedroom furniture to Australian homes.

Now Incy interiors is stocked in more than 70 stores nationally, as well as servicing other areas of Australia and New Zealand through the online store.

Kristy juggles her business life with a hectic family life and is mum to Oscar who is 4 1/2 and Polly who just turned one.


Tell me about your family...  I have two gorgeous children – Oscar who is 4.5 and Polly who has just turned 1. I also have a lovely husband Simon.


Your business is… Incy Interiors – a designer children’s furniture company.


How do you juggle your family and business’?  Most days not very well.  I’m very lucky that I now have my sister who is my full time nanny.  This has changed my life and meant that I can focus on Incy and know that the children are safe and happy.


If you didn’t have your business, you would be… lost.  I absolutely love what I do and I feel very lucky that I get to do what I love everyday.


Who inspires you in life?  My mum.  She is a real Super Mama.  She managed to balance four kids, a husband running the family farm and a full time job all whilst always look glamorous!


Your tried and tested beauty tip:  a tanning mit – not more streaky legs or yellow fingers.


You couldn’t live without:  my family


Pregnancy for you was…not fun.  I get swollen and puffy and have really low iron so I am tired and grumpy and nothing at all like the glowing blissful pregnancy pic.


You’re given 24 hours to do ANYTHING you want, what do you do you?  Lay by a pool and read a book whilst watching my family splashing around.


You relax by… having a bubble bath, with a glass of wine and a good book.


Most memorable words of wisdom you’ve ever received?  You got to know when to hold em, know when to fold em.  It is also my all time favourite song.


Your ideal Nanny is: my sister!  She is an absolute gem and I honestly don’t know what I would do without her.  She does school drop off, groceries, baths, ironing, house cleaning and most of all makes my children very happy!


Make sure you check out Kristy at Incy Interiors on the links below... her products are simply gorgeous! 




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