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I'm a nanny

Looking for a job
How it works:
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The cupid of child care

Like babies and white tops, tequila and good decisions,
or children and sleep ins; some things don’t match.

We match the right nanny with the right family.
Some call it genius. We call it common sense.

Super Mums & Dads

They share their stories with us, for us to share with you.
Super Mum - Ina Odak Super Mum - Ina Odak
Meet Ina Odak.  It is by no surpirse that her hero is currently, Wonder Woman. She's a Wonder Woman herself - mother to little Luka and also the creative...

Healthy Groms

We bring you new, healthy recipes that they’ll actually eat.
The everything in slice, by Emma Staggard... The everything in slice, by Emma...
Meet Emma Staggard...   When it comes to all things; cleaning, organising, budgeting and decluttering, she is your go to lady. She has all the secrets...

Chew The Fat

Quite simply; where we talk your talk.
The 411 on Fidget Spinners. The 411 on Fidget Spinners.
One week it was all about the slime, the next, fidget spinners are all the rage.   At school pick up last week, I thought I'd show off my "cool...
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Our mantra

My Super Nanny is based around three simple values we believe all nannies need; reliability, care and intuition. Our aim is to make life easier for all involved. That’s probably why we are Australia’s most trusted online nanny and babysitting service.

We also only charge tiny fees. Kids these days are expensive enough.

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